Anonymous public DNS and hosting - The #1 no-logging choice for TOR exit nodes, anonymizer service providers, and home users. Our core group is comprised of what used to be basement dwelling nerds on IRC until we were forced into corporate IT engineering jobs to support our families. BackplaneDNS has been and always will be a non-profit service aimed at distancing its valued users from snooping and censorship mechanisms engrained in daily life.


  • 23,500 square foot hardened purpose-built facility
  • Diverse incoming utility feeds
  • 24 x 7 security & multi-level access control
  • Power Protection by UPS (N+2) and 1MW backup generator
  • Strict climate control with Liebert CRAH units & Chilled Water Cooling
  • Bandwidth provided by major Tier 1 carriers
  • Connectivity provided by 5 diverse fiber operators
  • Fire detection & suppression